Monday, November 26, 2012

let's put the tree together....

... and when I say "put the tree together", I mean, let's take it out of the box and piece it together. I hate fake Christmas trees. I know, they are more environmentally friendly, but I grew up in a house where we went to White Rose and picked out our tree every year and the smell was just, lovely! Until a few years ago, my mother decided it was time to switch to the dreaded fake tree.  One year, I lugged that massive box all the way from the basement, put the tree together and decorated it all on my lonesome (just to surprise my mother!), and she was definitely surprised.  Ever since then, it's my own little "tradition" that I go to my parent's house to help them with the tree, while listening to old Walt Disney Christmas records!!!  It's one of my favourite new/old traditions.  

Anyway, sorry for the essay!  and I KNOW its "too early" for Christmas stuff, but really, let's be honest; my decorations were up two weeks ago. I'm just patiently waiting to get my REAL tree.

~ Diane xo

photo credit: my awesome seeestor

Quote of the Day: There aren't enough days in the weekend - Rod Schmidt

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